Well Hello There June

Heyyyyy. I haven’t been on this since April !! lol but as usual i start things and then don’t keep up but i’m backkkk and Happy June lol.

So , sadly i’m still in the same position i was in since the beginning of this year and its quite sad :/I’m still phone less .. jobless and sorta of friend less .. and its SUMMER !!

UGHHHH . but the sorta good news is that I’m typing this post on my tv i got this cord were i can hook up my laptop to my computer and i’m in love

BTW I’m only ranting so excuse how this looks i just want to  type with no care

too yeah I’m still at home day by day .. its annoying af but yinno i try to make the best go it ….. watch may movies and tv shows and of course my music non stop.

So what are my june plans ?lol IDEK !! I STILL WANT/NEED A JOBB


like yesterday i spent some time thinking to myself how everyone has jobs and able to have their own money and things are going well for them yinno like i just don’t understtand and its really frustrating …….,


to be continued .. lmao no I’m not drunk the is just hard to type on this wireless keyboard


but i will be back !!!!



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