First Blog Post

“Time is the master…”

                                     Lol. My history teacher back in high school said that to us probably every class we had and it still puts a smile on my face.(Oh how I miss High school) At the time back in grade 10 we weren't serious as we should have been about school. Then came grade 12 many and he would still say to us in his matter-of-fact tone,"time is the master". These four words did not mean as much to me as it does now. I've graduated high school (this year makes 2 :o) , experienced college and the work environment somewhat. And after then I realise that time truly is.
Ok so what does this means to me? Why did it take so long for me to realise? I've become aware that (regrettably) so many things have changed in my life so quickly that it really shocks me. Changes such as friends,family,school, my future .. just life on the whole. Time flew. I feel that I should be in a better position or place in my life by now. Causes of this are : laziness, procrastination, selfishness,pride,money. Three years ago I would have never thought this is where i would be in life. To answer why it took me so long to realise this is because things were not aways like this well not this bad. Life was good. Now I'm not saying at all that my life is horrible and that i hate because I have myself to blame and it could be worse.  You may be asking why I'm i complaining or not doing anything to change. Well lol , i really don't know myself. What i can say is that I am definitely trying. Creating this blog and actually writing is a step. I could be sleeping now actually or watching movies but I said to myself let's do something different. I'm an aspiring journalist so write and share it. Another thing i want to touch on a bit but i'm a bit hesitant about it. Well anyway it's about the true master : God. I don't know who might read this but you may think too that God is and if life is not the way i want i should take it up with God. Well, firstly I do believe in God and here in the Bahamas it is what you can say christian or God-fearing place. So I'm fully aware. My issue is (briefly) is that I've went through the most horrific time in my life in 2014, my graduating year. My mom passed and  of course I was a mess but i think I recovered quickly (sometimes i think too quickly) anyway , i had many people who were here for me and I got told there is a reason why God would let you go through that.. for something better to happen and also I got don't question God. So eventually i accepted it and thought that i"ll be fine but now like i was describing in the beginning where I am in life is not where i want to be. So to me i guess yo can say i'm disappointing and I DO NOT BLAME God,I blame myself. Nonetheless i tuly feel that I need to strenghten my relationship with God.
Moving on, I can only hope that things will fall in place for me. That I will be able to go off to school in Canada, get a job, have my own money , travel the world,completely happy and continue enjoying life. Until then.. time wil continue to be the master..

Apologies if this was contradicitory or confusing, i started to ramble when i got in my feelings. 😦





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